Podcast: “A Big Doll That Cries Real Tears”


“We have action figures and I’m hoping Colin has brought a few. I know I have a few in a box and my daughter is probably going to grab them. Now, you know what I did. I’ve had my figures, they’re Star Wars figures and I’ve had them for some time and they had no weapons, or accessories. I lost them like I’m sure everybody has, so I went to eBay and I ordered replacements. I paid about twenty-thirty bucks to replace them, this is back when I had money, but I got nearly everything I needed. I was missing blasters and prods, Ewok medicine bags, a couple of the old telescoping lightsabers, rifles and such. They all came in a tiny Ziploc bag. Replacement parts are an industry unto themselves. A lot of them were saved, but a lot of them are remolded and baked and painted. An action figure looks naked without a good blaster at it’s side.”

“I wasn’t aware that there were wrestling figures until recently. I do watch TOY HUNTER, which, I believe is on The Travel Channel here in New York and it chronicles the exploits of collector Jordan Hembrough, who runs a shop in New Jersey. I love the show. He had an episode with Zack Ryder, where I believe they talk about the wrestling figures, very rare and obscure stuff like with Mexican cardbacks, and there was also an episode with Terry “Hulk” Hogan – he was looking for rare stuff for his store. He has his own personal collection of figures.”

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