Video Posted: “A Big Doll That Cries Real Tears”

Normally the “BlissVille” podcast is audio-only, because most of the topics we cover can be visualized without the need for an accompanying video, but this time we were talking about action figures. Colin brought over some very rare merchandise he had collected over the years. The figures he brought were of the pro-wrestling variety.

I reached out to Ben Minnotte at Oddity Archive to seek his advice pertaining to the Enormous Corporate Complex (let’s just call it the E.C.C.) at the heart of these action figures. I hear stories all the time about how they jealously guard their respective images, their brands, and anything – sometimes even the slightest thing – to do with professional wrestling.

Basically Ben advised me to avoid third-party videos, namely commercials and copyrighted video imagery. The Oddity Archive got into a bit of trouble in a recent episode where the subject was those 1-900 phone numbers from a while back. The Oddity Archive is an incredibly entertaining (and educational) site that looks back over years of technology and pop culture and offers a humorous perspective.

So this E.C.C. reached out to Ben with a studded iron gauntlet and told him to cool it, with regard to posting a 1-900 phone commercial that featured the brand name and iconic characters. I recommend all of you go check out The Oddity Archive and the corresponding YouTube page. Links will be included at the bottom of this post. Knowing how mercurial these corporate entities can be, I don’t know (even with Ben’s wisdom) if I’ve stayed completely within the letter of the law. If I haven’t, I guess I’ll see you guys in court!

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