Podcast: “Two Characters In Search Of An Exit”

BlissVille-Fridays   I want to preface this by saying I have next-to-no memory of the last 15 years, we’re talking the year 2000 on; little bits of things. I know I was married April 9, 2000 to my wife of nearly 15 years, Bronwyn. I know that it snowed that morning, and then by seven that night, the temperature had shot up to 70 degrees, and then it was 85 degrees the next day, April 10, 2000. I remember that everybody was telling me that snow was a sign of “good fortune” or something along those lines. Honestly, I think people were frightened, so they had to make something up on the spot. I remember 9/11 because I was laid up after some ridiculous surgery, and then I go up to my roof and see the twin trails of smoke rising up into the air. People are calling me, but I’m staring at the television, without speech. We made some movies, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “The Angel of Death”, “They Only Come Out At Night”, “Ligeia”, American Punk”, “Vortex” – only two of those got any attention or made any money, not much – more of a pittance, but I learn later “Ligeia” was a top-seller for Film Threat, if not the top seller. Jump to five years later, 2006, Christmas Day, my daughter is born. The due date was supposed to be around the 29th, and then they changed it to the 26th, and then the doctors said, “fuck it! Just come in, and we’ll cut that thing out of you”, which they did. So, this is going back about 20 years, I’d say, back from the old days at the video store. My first question is – what happened to you in that time, those 20 years?

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