Follow-Up Notes: “Eat Your Heart Out”

Chicken Braised In Milk

Probably the first time I met Andrew – our mutual friend, Noah introduced us – was an all-night affair (not as sexy as it sounds).  We spoke for hours about movies, yes, of course, but in-between discussions, we went from apartment to apartment, eating food and having existential rap sessions on life, liberty, alcohol, and girls.

We went to Andrew’s kitchen, and he was in the process of inventing a potion for Noah; nothing illicit, nothing dangerous.  It was supposed to be the perfect balance of ketchup (or catsup) and mustard, which would yield an orange hue and a flawless aroma of spice and fruit.  From what I understand (based on their conversations), Andrew had made several attempts at combining these two stalwart condiments.

As promised, here are some links from the show notes:

Information about Mark Dacascos
Information about “My Kitchen Rules”
“My Kitchen Rules” Official Site
“Burger Land” Official Site
Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Braised in Milk recipe

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