Podcast: “The Kung-Fu Grip”


This is the second part of my discussion with Colin Hall regarding action figures, toys and bits of nostalgia from our respective pasts. What’s interesting to me is that more value is placed in the packaging of the toy, or action figure, than what is contained within that package. In fact, I’ve read in certain circles, collectors purchase packaging without the toy inside. They enjoy the card-backs, the burst packaging, the transparent plastic, and the artwork.

While Colin’s collection would be worth well into the thousands, the figures without the packaging would be worth only a few bucks. Same goes for my Star Wars collectibles. This goes for all kinds of collectibles, except that when somebody purchases a comic book, there is no way to gauge the worth without a detailed inspection. The comic book would have to be placed in a sealable acid free backing and a plastic case after it has been authenticated and given a rating, from “mint” to “damaged”. Action figures (and packaging) are inspected with the same process.

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