“[the]Diseased Face Of Friendship”

“…a petri dish filled with friendship germs…”

It’s odd that Facebook is now ubiquitous with the Intra-Web, the Internet. It used to be all about web-sites, fairly graphics-heavy. Our first web-sites were back in 1997/1998, the Damned Productions web-site; just a reminder to all the tech-heads that we existed as a filmmaking concern for the newer, brighter, bolder generation – I guess “GENERATION X”, now we have these Millenials running around, the whipper-snappers. Young-ins.

So I was out of the loop for maybe 20 years, I’m not sure, after 1994 I had a new collection of friends – we move on from one group of friends to the next, these were my late-teen to mid-twenties years, I suppose and I moved on. I started getting jobs, meeting new people. I left my childhood friends behind. So when I sign up for the Facebook, I hook up with all my old, childhood friends.

It feels either like no time has passed or I’ve slept, like Rip Van Winkle, through a war, an importance sequence of events, marriages, births. Old girlfriends, getting married, having children, getting divorced. This is what happens when you don’t stay in contact with people, but then there’s so much to learn about them, about what they’ve been up to, it’s like getting a new friend.

A NOTE ABOUT THE AUDIO: This time I took the computer completely out of the equation and recorded using analog lavalier microphones directly into my old Minidisc recorder, and then imported the audio into the computer for mixing and editing in real time. This technique yielded the best sound quality we’ve had so far.

Tonight, I talk with my wife, Bronwyn. She schools me on the processes of “social media” as I’m a relative infant/neophyte on the subject as well as how she manages to maintain her composure when understanding the curious needs and behaviors of Facebook users.

I’m off to buy Regan a Breaking Bad doll so she can make me some crystal meth. Bye.

Questions? Comments? blissville1870@gmail.com

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