Follow-Up Notes: “The Name’s Plissken” and “This World Is Not So Luscious”


“I was talking to my friend Eve the other day. She is a new mother, and I asked her if she is vaccinating her child, she gave me a flat “yes” – absolutely yes, of course – yes. She has reservations about the anti-vaxxer-rhetoric, she tells me she can understand the concerns of the anti-vaxxers – doesn’t mean she isn’t going to trust science, she wants her baby to be healthy, and I couldn’t agree more with that philosophy, that tenet, that belief system. It’s called common sense.”

When it comes down to it, you are going to do the right thing, and even though we are dealing with an antiquated system of vaccination schedules and booster programs, I believe that people will do the right thing. They know they will. Andrew brought an article to my attention that confirmed our separate suspicions. There are unchecked people flowing into this country, and unvaccinated children are at a greater risk to acquire these once-vanquished diseases, and then to spread them to other unchecked people.

“State Rights are an interesting entity, they will allow for certain activities such as owning guns, using drugs, marriage rights, health care provisions, and property taxes. This does support my central idea that this is not a unified nation we live in.”

“I’m not advocating any militia madness, as far as I’m concerned militias are just cults with more guns and less front teeth. They tend to take it too far and they pray for doomsday. I’d really rather the world not end. I like the world. I also don’t believe in God, Heaven, Hell, or the Rapture. I can’t wait for streets paved with gold when I have to pick up my daughter from school. I don’t have time for that, so it seems to me that people have religion – philosophy seems to be yet another way of looking at religion, just not calling it “religion” – it’s a belief system, tenets you live by, and once again it affects thousands of people on a daily basis.”

As much as card-carrying Liberals accuse other parties of lumping people into categories, they are responsible for their own share of lumping. Liberals tend to label “States Rightists” as ignorant, racist rednecks who cling to their guns and their God while praying for secession. I’m not a fan of either of those items. Guns and God are responsible for a lot of nasty death, but I’m not gonna harp on that. But really, it’s how you use those tools that counts, so breaking it down further, it’s about the inequity of human-kind, right? We’re all monsters! We’re all fascists! Take that, Mussolini!

“White flight is a term that originated in the United States, starting in the mid-20th century, and applied to the large-scale migration of whites of various European ancestries from racially mixed urban regions to more racially homogeneous suburban or exurban regions. The term has more recently been applied to other migrations by whites, from older, inner suburbs to rural areas, as well as from the US Northeast and Midwest to the milder climate in the Southeast and Southwest.”


“I was on a Metro North train last year, going to work. I worked in the City, and I’m listening to a conversation taking place near me. Good-looking, young, white couple. The woman is pregnant, maybe five months gone. She is checking her iPhone, checking a schedule and talking with her well-dressed husband. This is what I gathered from the conversation: they’re expecting their first child, they’re talking to a broker about buying a house in Chappaqua, they don’t have quite enough money yet – houses in Chappaqua start, minimum half a million dollars, they have just come from their first appointment with an exclusive private school in Westchester County. They haven’t even had the baby yet, but apparently there’s a very long waiting list to get your kid into the school.”

“This is one of the primary reasons these young couples move out of the City and go to places like Chappaqua, I mean hey it’s a gorgeous town, beautiful woodland, fresh air, high ratings in schools. They will insist it’s a safer bet to move out of the dangerous cities, move to the sticks, and they’ll tout the higher quality of life and the “better schools”, and really to me, when they say the schools are good, what they mean is that the schools are white, like white people are harmless, meanwhile lunatics (white lunatics) with guns blow away kindergartners in Connecticut not 20 minutes away from my front door. That never happens in the City – they take security seriously down here. This kills me, the majority of these people, these hypocrites are liberals, with bleeding heart in hands – and of course, they’re afraid of black people.”

Again, not terribly politically correct, but you’re permitted to disagree. This is what I see: a lot of fearful white people fleeing to the sticks. As parents, we try to keep our children from danger, but there is a difference between keeping kids safe and sheltering children from reality. Reality is diversity. Reality is violence. Reality is absurd. Reality is joy. Reality is beauty. In other words, reality is life.

Oh yeah, we talked about the proposed reboot of John Carpenter’s classic “Escape From New York”.  We agreed it sucks…

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