BlissVille Fridays: “What Fresh Hell Is This?”

What Fresh Hell Is This

This article in Forbes, “American Millenials” being among the world’s least skilled workers. I read a bit that Brett Easton Ellis, the celebrated novelist, wrote for Vanity Fair, it was called “Generation Wuss” – very amusing, I thought I’d lead with this because it goes back to the source. I did a couple of episodes about action figures with my friend, Colin Hall, and I used an audio clip from a show made in 1972, the year of my birth, called “Free To Be You And Me”, produced by Marlo Thomas and the Ms. Foundation, and psychologically this was the beginning of the “Me” decade, not just for adults but for children.

So, for me, it doesn’t just start with these Millenials, people born usually ten years after my generation, early 80’s and on, but with Generation X, the children of baby-boomers because of the undeserved sense of entitlement born from their parents and then passed on to their children. Baby-boomers grew up after the World Wars, there was a newfound prosperity, a stimulated economy, but still the rigors of the “greatest generation”, mostly hard-drinkers and wife-beaters, but the children of that generation lashed out against their parents by becoming hippies, developing addictions to drugs and sex and then turning around, as our parents, and telling us not to do all the fun, silly, and potentially dangerous activities thay participated in as relative children.

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