BlissVille Fridays: “Everybody Knows That Something’s Wrong (But Nobody Knows What’s Going On)”


Gluten Sensitivity is a conspiracy designed to regulate the world’s food supply by imposing standards on food production and food consumption and using the methods of social engineering to either starve the population or use applied behavioral science to manipulate consumers into buying and consuming pricier “gluten-free” products.

This is how easy it is – because I just made that up. Right off the top of my head. Of course, I had a few years to think about it, but it was on and off, but I think this theory perfectly illustrates the genesis of conspiracies. All I needed was a little information, and then I looked at the “big picture” and voila!  Instant conspiracy theory.

It should go without saying (at this point) that Andrew and I have fairly loose tongues and we tend to pepper our speech with obscenity and profanity.  This is because we record a podcast in an atmosphere where we like to be comfortable.  If you are easily offended by harsh or foul language and terse pronouncements, don’t listen.

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