“It’s Always Funny Until Somebody Gets Killed”

It's Always Funny Until Somebody Gets Killed

I think I might have my first-ever lunatic on the show, Topping Haggerty. Not confirmed, but possibly a borderline personality. I know this because, like animals, we can smell our own. She teaches and performs Improvisational Theater, which means as she performs, she’s telling the audience things like, “this is what I am doing”, and “I am building a house”. Not really, but you get the idea. A dazzling performer with very sexy eyebrows, Topping enjoys long walks on the beach, Chinese food, Ethel Merman, and sarcastic put-downs that can reduce even the most macho of personalities to salty tears. I don’t know if any of this is true but it was her profile on the Texas Christian Singles page at Christian Cafe.


Topping’s Official Site

“What Does Agony Mean?”

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