BlissVille Fridays: “Sweet Wonderful You”



Actress-slash-Activist (I love that, by the way) Gwyneth Paltrow engaged in a rather peculiar experiment. Initially, I believe, she was trying to call attention to the plight of those people who rely on food stamps or the S.N.A.P. program, EBT and such welfare food programs by spending $29 on food for the week, presumably to see if she could live off of such an inventory.

From the first day of her experiment, she was mocked, criticized, torn apart but a lot of that might have to do with the public’s general antipathy toward Ms. Paltrow. She is not known for keeping her mouth shut. She speaks her mind – even with the lack of an internal censor, or anybody politely cutting her off before she says something stupid.

Her $29 shopping list consisted of a dozen eggs, seven limes, cilantro, an ear of corn, kale, onion, garlic, scallions, black beans, whole grain rice, peas, tomato, corn tortillas, a sweet potato, an avocado, and a head of romaine and her intention, I suppose, was to live on a breakfast burrito every day for a week. After that week, I”m sure I’d be sick of breakfast burritos.

It should go without saying (at this point) that Andrew and I have fairly loose tongues and we tend to pepper our speech with obscenity and profanity.  This is because we record a podcast in an atmosphere where we like to be comfortable.  If you are easily offended by harsh or foul language and terse pronouncements, don’t listen.

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