“Not For Publication or The Secret Cinema”


Found footage is literally just that – footage found. You’re walking on the street. You stop at a corner. There’s a garbage can on the corner. You take a peak inside, like you would, and you see a stack of video-tapes or even discs, but they’re not labeled in the conventional sense. These aren’t copies of “Night Patrol” or “Jaws” released by video companies. These aren’t attractive-looking with glossy slipcovers and keep-cases. These are BASF, Maxell, Sony tapes. They look like blanks, until you see the sticker on the side; a handwritten label that reads, “DARCY’S CONFIRMATION AGE SEVEN, ST. JOSEPH’S CHURCH, ASTORIA DECEMBER 15 1996” or something similar. “POP-POP RENOVATES THE GARAGE, JULY 6, 1992” or something else, something mysterious.

Originally aired March 31, 2015.

You can hear Mark Jeacoma’s insanely good podcasts at:

VHS Rewind!

Fistful of Cables

On The Odd

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