NEW PODCAST: “Existential Void Where Prohibited”


We have here a special occasion at BlissVille. The very first guest on this podcast was a young lady, wise and fresh from my tutilege who inspired me in numerous ways I can’t even begin to calculate. Neena “Nagmeh” Nejad made a movie called, “The Price of Honor” about the cultural phenomena known as honor killings. It’s not a musical-comedy. It’s not the nicest subject in the world, but the documentary has exploded over the last, I want to say 9 months, from getting theatrical releases to distribution, which is an incredible development for a small documentary, and I say small because nobody gave them a hundred million dollars, and Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence aren’t in the movie.

I was thinking about this the other day. It’s quite difficult to mount a documentary now as opposed to say 10 or 15 or 20 years ago because there have been so many advances in the technology to view little bits of people’s lives, the internet has exploded, we have more channels, we have much more competition for stories about interesting people.

A note about the picture: this photograph was taken in July of 2001 by Christina Fabulic, our makeup girl who appears in the film, “They Only Come Out At Night”. Neena and Christina would make fast-food runs when we were shooting in midtown. When I had the photos developed (something you had to do back in those days), imagine my surprise when I saw this.

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