“And Babies Make Three…”


As of this writing, Masha has given birth to her twins, and by all indications, she is positively glowing, extremely happy, and creatively empowered. I wish her all the best in life, and I was very happy with how this interview turned out. It’s unusual for me, after a discussion with Neena last week, I thought of all the talented people I’ve been blessed to work with over the years and all the wonderful things they’ve gotten up to in the intervening years, and I feel proud to have known each and every one of them!

Tonight I talk with actress, bon vivant, the lovely lady, the sexy Russian, Masha Sapron. She was in my movie, “Ligeia” (on DVD and hopefully out there in torrent form). She appears on the cover of the
DVD in the famous cat-suit. I remember I wanted her to wear a cat-suit in the movie in her weird “cos-play” scenes with the character played by Martin Davis, and they both wear, they also wear masks
and I forget if the masks were part of the costume, or if we bought them separately.

So, Masha did research for the movie, and some of it wound up in the film [Ligeia]. There is a dinner scene, probably the easiest scene I shot because everybody was sitting down. We wired everybody with microphones, and we got a hundred set-ups in like two hours, because we had two cameras. Masha tells this insane story about a club she went to, I guess it was a sex club, I’m not even sure. There was a lot of improvisation, people bouncing off one another, which I love. That’s my favorite kind of thing to do.

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