NEW PODCAST: “Tomorrow Is The Least Of Our Problems”


This is “WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: First Day Of Camp” and I wanted to jump on this right away. With me tonight is my wife, the incomparable, the venerable, the diminutive, brunette, silky-voiced, agnostic, Capricorn – Bronwyn G. Knox.

We were very much like the majority of the source movie’s audience – we didn’t see the movie in theaters when it was released, because it barely had a release. It wasn’t even a sleeper hit, over 10 years it gained a rabid cult following.

This was before we had Regan, so we could watch a movie like this without worrying she might pick up some, rather eccentric if not horrid behaviors. I brushed it off but then I started catching some of the jokes, not the least which culminate in a talking can of vegetables and a cook having sex with a refrigerator. This kind of humor was lost on me until I realized this was a “deconstructionist” and, if I want to sound pretentious, post-modern brand of levity. It was seriously left-field, because you couldn’t adequately call it a “spoof” or a “parody” because it wasn’t making fun of jokes and situations, it was making fun of narrative and structure.

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