NEW PODCAST: “The Clue In The Clock”


This is from Reason, an article written by Robby Soave:

“To the extent that Maher implied Ahmed’s treatment was ever-so-slightly justified because of his Muslim faith, he’s wrong. But liberals who claim Ahmed’s treatment is solely the result of his Muslim faith are also wrong. As should be perfectly clear from the myriad examples I cited, Ahmed’s religion may have impacted the flavor and overall likelihood of his arrest, but it’s not remotely true that ethnic minorities are the only victims of zero tolerance-style school disciplinary measures.”

This confuses and worries me because, initially, I was of the mind that the kid was being mistreated. I saw nothing of the emergency procedures in place if a bomb is suspected. We have bomb drills and emergency drills at my daughter’s school. This was after Newtown, they started pushing for more of these disaster drills. Basically what happens is, you evacuate the school, you call the bomb squad, cops, EMT, you put the suspected device in a safe room, some place near the back and you get out of there. The faculty and administration didn’t do this.

The kid shows up with his “clock” or whatever it was (it was in a suitcase, which is unwise, if intended to be that way – you’d have to be a moron to build a homemade clock and put it in a suitcase, and this kid is supposedly some kind of scientific genius-engineer-type), he takes this clock to a few classes, shows it off to teachers. One teacher finally has the bright idea he should go around showing the thing, and then somebody calls the Principal. They take the kid with his clock to another room and they detain him until they arrest him. So, initially, I thought they were just picking on a Muslim kid for being Muslim. I’m not so sure now.

Ahmed Muhamed’s Arrest: Clock Kid Truthers Miss the Point by Robby Soave

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