NEW PODCAST: “Mr. Brazil Is Gonna Bust You In The Head!”



I had a bizarre dream last night, it was bizarre but hilarious. For some reason, I went to Japan and I stayed in a lovely hotel and later that night, the hotel was putting on an all-gay stage production of the movie, “Shrek”. Do you remember “Shrek”?  It wasn’t like the characters looked like they did in the movie, animated and anthropomorphous, they were dressed like clowns, but like Italian clowns, like Pagliacci, and the Shrek clown was painted green, and the donkey character was painted brown, but they looked like Italian clowns, but the show was very well produced, lots of visual effects and great stage lighting; everything you can dream that would be wonderful about an all-gay stage production of “Shrek”, and the show ends with Donkey kissing Shrek full-on and then there’s thunderous applause. I woke up laughing so loudly, and I think it was because looking at the actors’ faces in my dream, they didn’t look terribly happy about having to do this production, and I remember from the dream, I was actually recording this show on a little video camera and I was doing a good job with the recording, it almost looked professional.

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