SHIP TO SHIP: A Star Trek Podcast “Fruity as a Nutcake”

SHIP TO SHIP: A Star Trek Podcast Show 204 “Fruity as a Nutcake”

The Federation doesn’t know how to handle it’s crazier citizens. Most forms of mental illness were allegedly wiped out before we came to this brave new future. That’s the main point of these classic Trek episodes, “Dagger of the Mind” and “Whom Gods Destroy.” In the first episode (an early Roddenberry-produced entry), Kirk becomes the subject of a mad scientist’s fiendish experiments. In the second episode, Kirk and Spock are held hostage by a once-great now insane Starfleet hero named Garth who, inexplicably builds a doomsday explosive (undoubtedly in his spare, unsupervised time), and it’s up to the boys to stop him.

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