SHIP TO SHIP: A Star Trek Podcast “Drive-In Monster Movies”

SHIP TO SHIP: A Star Trek Podcast “Drive-In Monster Movies”

Kirk and company explore the mining of colony of Janus VI and meet up with the Horta, an intelligent and sensitive Hamburger Helper monster. Next, they journey to Deneva where Kirk’s family goes crazy from crazy omelet monsters. Finally, the Enterprise is attacked by a large amoeba-lookin’ thang and McCoy and Spock get all up in each other’s business. We talk about a bunch of fun monster-driven episodes from the Original Series.

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© Frequent Wire, David Lawler copyright 2018 for all original vocal and audio content featuring David Lawler and selected guests each episode. This podcast, “SHIP TO SHIP: A Star Trek Podcast” is not affiliated with CBS Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Paramount Television, Desilu Television, Gulf + Western, or the estate of Gene Roddenberry. Any and all images, audio clips, and dialogue extracts are the property of their respective copyright owners. This blog and podcast was created for criticism, research, and is completely nonprofit, and should be considered Fair Use as stated in the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. section 107. It is not an official product, and it should not be sold nor bought; this is intended for private use, and any public broadcast is not recommended. All television, film, and music clips appear under Fair Use as well.

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