Under the Eye: “Baggage”

Misadventures in Blissville

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June has taken to jogging her troubles away in the massive Boston Globe space. Her little memorial to the slain Globe employees has grown to form a visually-impressive semi-circle of lit candles and knick-knacks. In “Little America,” Moira has taken to jogging her troubles away. She’s shacked up with Luke and Luke’s little mute friend, Erin (Erin Way). At the Globe, June goes through old clippings from newspapers in an effort to track the progress of the Sons of Jacob and their eventual transformation into Gilead. She finds a piece about a “Take Back the Night” march from back when she was a kid. She attended that march with her mother, Holly (Cherry Jones). I don’t know that these marches were geared strictly toward women or a feminist movement, but the emphasis of this gathering seems to start a bonfire and set little pieces of paper on fire. On…

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