Under the Eye: “After”

Moira looks through a catalog of dead people and finds Odette. I guess her name is “O-dead” now! Poom! Sorry. I know the show wants me to care, but I don’t, because this character’s birth and death was thrown into an already-padded episode to increase the running time and make Moira feel worse than she already does. So it goes.

Misadventures in Blissville

Blog artUnintended consequences. Let’s let that one sink through just a little until it creates a bruise. Unintended consequences. 31 handmaids died in Ofglen the Second’s attack. 26 Commanders died as well, but 31 handmaids died. I admit I don’t fully grasp the physics of explosions, but Ofglen the Second did manage to bury herself deep in a clutch of bearded Commanders. In the final wide shot showing the explosion, we do see handmaids on the second level of the Rachel and Leah Center blown backward against the glass from the effects of the explosion, but the majority of them fled when they saw what was about to happen. So how did fewer Commanders die? Unless these numbers were falsified. Hmm. Now why would they want to falsify numbers? Hmm. Even Fred managed to survive and Ofglen the Second was running straight toward him! Was it not a very good bomb?…

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