Under the Eye: “Women’s Work”

The overwhelming majority of Christians do not use the Bible as their personal justification for ridiculous and/or unacceptable behaviors. The vocal minority get the most Press coverage for the very reason that they make the news with their insane behavior.

Misadventures in Blissville

Blog art“Man works from sun to sun, but woman’s work is never done” I never found it to be in the story’s favor that Offred was chosen to be the Unreliable Narrator. It gives a writer license to ignore his or her own rules in establishing narrative. Margaret Atwood wanted The Handmaid’s Tale to be a historical document, but instead it comes over as a made-up history. In a made-up history, you’re free to create the most unrealistic story possible to suit your needs while ignoring the rules and logic established in the framework. When we last left Serena and June, they were getting ready to establish new laws in Gilead. I had no idea Fred had this much power. Serena wants to end the nightly patrols and the executions. Serena is an idea woman, so she leaves it to June to edit her madness into readable paragraphs*. Serena (with June)…

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