Under the Eye: “The Last Ceremony”

I tried to explain that there is no medical science or even Biblical passage that claims intercourse (forced or not) will somehow induce labor. I don’t know where they (either Gilead or the writer) get their information. Unless it’s just another reason to hate Gilead and Fred. I really didn’t need more of that. It was a completely tasteless, terrible scene executed with no subtlety or tact, and then lacking credibility on any level. No doctor I have ever known (including my Mother) has ever recommended this, nor have I ever heard of it.

Misadventures in Blissville

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Previously on As Gilead TurnsIf you want rape, this is the episode that has lots of rape! We’ve drifted away from the Ceremony, but now we’re back in full force. We start with Emily, who gets into “crash position” with an old Commander and his wife. He thrusts in slow-motion. He looks like a mannequin, betraying no emotional conceit. This is like whip-stocking, or forcing cattle to breed by means of dangerous looking contraptions and gloved hands. The Commander collapses in mid-rape. The wife runs out of the room, hysterical. Emily stands over the Commander and kicks him repeatedly. I believe it was around this time that I became frustrated at observing what seemed like an extended “snuff” movie being played out on my television week after week. I came to the conclusion (my “come to Jesus moment,” if you will) that we, the viewers, were the handmaids…

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